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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A week to remember.....

I don't recall ever having a week so incredibly full of natural distaster threats. It began with the earthquake on Wednesday... not my favorite event as I mentioned before, and then a tornado warning on Thursday that sent us running to the closet and hanging out in the dark for a while, and now the hurricane over the weekend.
We spent the time with my parents and siblings, which was wonderful. Other than some tree limbs down and some spoiled food in my fridge we really came out of all of this with such tremendous blessing! It could have been so much worse. The worst thing I will have to deal with now is that my 5 year old just can't wait for it all to happen again.... I guess I made it too much fun...., and I can live with that.
I know that not everyone has come through this week unscathed, and for them I feel truly awful and pray for speedy recovery.
This coming week should be very full as well, with school starting, friends coming to visit, and the kick-off of a busy season ahead.
I must go get some rest so that I will be prepared, and mostly to recover from the week that has thankfully passed by.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So many thoughts, so many interruptions....

This has been a long week, and it's only Wednesday. We've had an earthquake (which many of you know from my past is NO small thing to me....), a full week of intense potty training which is sapping my energy, and I've been prepping for homeschool to get back into full swing. I wear myself out with my vigor for new adventures, new projects, the never-ending stream of thoughts and musings over life, God, my family, and what surprises might be ahead.
I do all of this in very short segments.
I am constantly interrupted by siblings annoying each other, boo-boos that need kissing, noses that need wiping, by the joyous sense of power that a two-year old has once he has realized the mighty power the words "GO POTTY" hold over his mama, and the many times that I am beckoned with "Mommy, look, Loooookkkk!!!!". Yesterday my littlest cherub was caught chasing his older siblings with his potty seat, trying to hit them with it. It was the one minute I had run upstairs to answer the phone. Fun.
Would I trade any of the people in my life that interrupt me this continually? N.E.V.E.R.
I believe they are one of my primary missions in life. My truest riches.
But, it does make it hard to contemplate the deeper meanings of life, the love of our Holy God in it's fullest extent, and to see life beyond the moment that I am in. Or even to complete a thought or sentence.
This stage of my life has stretched me beyond the limits of what I thought possible, and I still stand at the beginning of much of it, there are many years that lie ahead. "I will lead the blind by the ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them, and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them." Isaiah 42:16
I am so thankful for the rich blessings that, like Easter Eggs, are hidden in the nooks and crannies of this life. Even in the rough places.... there are provisions and blessings.
By the way, I've been interrupted at least 7 times while writing this short note. And I'm being hollered for now too. And I am so thankful.
Do you see the photo I included? It is artwork created by my older two this-morning as a "Thank-you for all you do Mommy". They wouldn't let me see it until they were done. As they revealed it to me I gazed at it, amazed at what a representation of my life it truly is. Full of COLOR, full of CRAZY-ness, full of LOVE, full of so many little tiny parts that all add up to one beautiful unique creation.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello, I am finally here!!!! It's about time!

Well, I have FINALLY jumped onto the blog bandwagon, and I am THRILLED. Many of you helped me figure out how to do this, and to you I say THANK YOU!
Our family has moved around so often that many of you, our dear friends and acquaintances that we wished we'd had more time to acquaint with, are spread around our nation and the world. SO, now we can more easily keep you updated on the happenings in our lives.
Our most current adventures consist of:

1) Our two year old decided that he would potty train himself. That is an ongoing adventure.

2) We have joined Discovery Toys, and can now share our PASSION for these toys with YOU! Check my site out . They have a LIFETIME WARRANTY, a replacement parts program, they specifically target child development, and are tested FAR above industry standards of safety.
We are so excited about this around here (if you can't tell from all the caps...) and the kids just can't stop begging to play with "Mommy's Toys" (a.k.a The sample in my kit that they didn't already own.)

3) We have found out that we will reside in our current location for 5 months longer than originally expected, which is a wonderful blessing.

For now, I must close. My tired little potty-trainee needs some hugs, as waking from a nap isn't always easy.