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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A week to remember.....

I don't recall ever having a week so incredibly full of natural distaster threats. It began with the earthquake on Wednesday... not my favorite event as I mentioned before, and then a tornado warning on Thursday that sent us running to the closet and hanging out in the dark for a while, and now the hurricane over the weekend.
We spent the time with my parents and siblings, which was wonderful. Other than some tree limbs down and some spoiled food in my fridge we really came out of all of this with such tremendous blessing! It could have been so much worse. The worst thing I will have to deal with now is that my 5 year old just can't wait for it all to happen again.... I guess I made it too much fun...., and I can live with that.
I know that not everyone has come through this week unscathed, and for them I feel truly awful and pray for speedy recovery.
This coming week should be very full as well, with school starting, friends coming to visit, and the kick-off of a busy season ahead.
I must go get some rest so that I will be prepared, and mostly to recover from the week that has thankfully passed by.

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