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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello, I am finally here!!!! It's about time!

Well, I have FINALLY jumped onto the blog bandwagon, and I am THRILLED. Many of you helped me figure out how to do this, and to you I say THANK YOU!
Our family has moved around so often that many of you, our dear friends and acquaintances that we wished we'd had more time to acquaint with, are spread around our nation and the world. SO, now we can more easily keep you updated on the happenings in our lives.
Our most current adventures consist of:

1) Our two year old decided that he would potty train himself. That is an ongoing adventure.

2) We have joined Discovery Toys, and can now share our PASSION for these toys with YOU! Check my site out . They have a LIFETIME WARRANTY, a replacement parts program, they specifically target child development, and are tested FAR above industry standards of safety.
We are so excited about this around here (if you can't tell from all the caps...) and the kids just can't stop begging to play with "Mommy's Toys" (a.k.a The sample in my kit that they didn't already own.)

3) We have found out that we will reside in our current location for 5 months longer than originally expected, which is a wonderful blessing.

For now, I must close. My tired little potty-trainee needs some hugs, as waking from a nap isn't always easy.

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  1. And are we ever delighted about the extra five months!

    Congrats on the blog. Best wishes and prayers for it to be a blessing to you.

    - Dad
    Matt 5:16